Your Reviews and Comments

I recommend learning with Tim at Chess driving school. He is very polite,personable and easy to learn with. I felt comfortable in the car with him and I didn't hesitate to ask any questions. He gave me confidence on the road and believed in me all the way up to the test. He provided me with tips and gave me handouts to practice at home that helped with any weak points. Tim prepared me well for my moch test and fitted in lessons around my education. I passed first time with Tim and then did a motorway lesson which was extremely helpful to me and i couldn't thank him more for his help and time over my period of learning with him.   Rhiannon

Driving was not something that was natural to me. I spent a couple of frustrating years learning on and off with different instructors. Serendipity intervened and I met Tim, who is kind, ever patient, and possesses the calm of a Buddha. I passed my test this Autumn, a confident happy driver and am both thrilled and eternally grateful to Tim.     Sophie

I had a great time learning to drive with Tim at Chess Drivers. I felt very comfortable behind the wheel after only a few lessons. It wasn't long before I was becoming very road aware and found that my confidence was building all the time. My driving success could not have been without the help and support of Tim and I would recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive.  Elliot   

A very patient and down to earth instructor. After 3 attempts with other instructors Tim was just what I needed to pass. he easily picked out all my problems and set about fixing them in no time at all. furthermore he always put me at ease and is incredibly friendly and easy to talk to which really helps when you are under pressure. Highly recommended indeed.    Ollie

James was successful and passed his driving test quite comfortably. This success is in no small part down to your efforts and instruction and more importantly, the invaluable last assessment update you submitted which enabled James with practice, to work on the highlighted areas desirable for 'improvement'. I would like to thank you for all your efforts and the most professional way you have gone about teaching our son.   David   

When I was learning with Chess Drivers I felt relaxed and confident because I had a patient instructor that didnt judge me. I found it easy to book lessons at the times that suited me best and also it was no problem to be collected from different locations. I was given useful revision handouts to help me remember and I felt that I had been thoroughly prepared for my mock test and the driving test itself.    Tom   

I needed some lessons before taking my UK theory after driving in the US for many years. Tim was great and adjusted our lessons to focus on what I needed and what I didn't  feel confident in. I passed my test first time and feel much more confident behind the wheel. I would recommend Tim to anyone in the area needing lessons.   Rebecca

I learnt to drive with Tim and I can highly recommend him. He is organised, calm and a great instructor. Having passed my driving test first time i would like to believe that this was due to my natural talent but honestly this was down to the high standard of my instructor. Thanks again Tim.        Oliver    

I spent a while learning to drive. I was nervous to begin with but Tim's calm and patient manner soon put me at ease. Progress was steady and he never rushed me into situations before I was ready. He explained everything very clearly and the extra handouts he provided proved very useful. When I failed my first test, Tim worked to help me improve my faults and motivated me and I passed second time. I then did pass plus which i found extremely helpful in further improving my confidence. I would recommend Tim as he is reliable, friendly and always there to help.      Simona   

When the day of my first lesson arrived I was extremely nervous, but Tim was so calm and friendly and relaxedAs an older learner (33) I was initially looking to learn in an automatic car as I'd had enough of trying to learn in a manual, I felt I couldn't get used to the gears and all those pedals!. I spoke with Tim on the phone and agreed to try learning in a manual again. it instantly put me at ease. I found learning with Tim a fun and extremely enjoyable experience and we had a good few laughs on the lessons, which certainly makes learning a lot easier as you start progressing without even realising. Tim was always on time if not early to our lessons and if there was any need to move a lesson there was always plenty of notice. I passed my test first time with just one minor and all thanks to Tim, I cannot recommend him enough.   Danielle

Tim is a very friendly driving instructor with a straight forward manner. Always polite, punctual and encouraging, he ensured that i kept up my progress as a driver, leading me to pass my driving test first time. I would recommend him to anyone.    Nina

Tim you were great. There were times when I didn't think i could do it but your confidence in me and your extraordinary calmness got me through it. Thank you.    Charlie   

Whilst learning to drive I felt that with each lesson I was building confidence and gaining valuable experience on the road. The lessons were always carefully planned. The car was very easy to drive and with the guidance of Tim I always felt relaxed and not stressed. I also took my Pass Plus with Chess Drivers and felt that it was very useful indeed.      Ed


At the start of learning to drive I was keen to find an instructor who was flexible about the times at which I wanted my lessons. In my case I also wanted to learn fairly quickly. Tim was able to organise a sensible schedule of lessons providing sufficient training leading up to the test date itself. Chess gave me the confidence and skills to be a safe driver, helping me to pass first time.  Oscar   

I always felt very comfortable driving with Tim. On each lesson we would drive on a very varied selection of routes but he would always ensure that the route selected was relevant and suited the particular stage that we were at. I also enjoyed listening to his feedback at the end of each lesson. He always had a smile on his face and thanks Tim for everything.       Khavar   

Tim provides friendly and very effective tutorin He helped me pass my driving   test first time within 3 months of starting. I also did my pass plus with Chess drivers.test fir test first tim within three months of starti I also did my pass plus with Chess drivers.    Ben   

I can't recommend Tim and Chess Driving School enough. I had some lessons when I was younger but for various reasons never got round to taking my test. Tim over a couple of lessons restored my confidence in driving after a long time out. We set a target date for passing my test and worked towards that. I felt very relaxed with Tim in the car, we got through everything that needed to be done and lesson on lesson tweaked the plan to cover the weakest areas before embarking on the test routes leading up to the practical. Passed first time round, plus on top it was a pleasure to get to know Tim. Money well spent and couldn't ask for more. Chris   

I actually passed my test over 20 years ago. and with little faith in my ability to drive followed by some not so great driving experiences i began to drive less and less. over time this just compounded my lack of confidence and it then became a huge phobia of mine where I avoided driving at all costs and would get really anxious, nervous and upset if I was faced with the prospect. Then with a career change I made the decision to have some refresher lessons. I found Tim at Chess drivers online and made a call. Tim instantly reassured  me over the telephone and my refresher lesson of 90 minutes was booked. On the day I was extremely nervous. I felt nauseous,wanting to cry and ready to cancel. Tim instantly put me at ease and reassured me, he has a very calming influence along with a relaxed, patient approach which instantly helped calm my nerves. I found throughout the drive with Tim  my fear and anxiety diminish and Tim provided excellent feedback at various points throughout which helped to boost my confidence in my driving ability. I cant thank Tim enough as that one refresher lesson with him has changed my whole driving experience like never before and I don't have that phobia about driving anymore. I'm relaxed calm confident and positive when I drive now. If you are thinking of gto drive or have passed and are nervous about driving, book with Tim at Chess drivers.     Sarah

Learning to drive with Tim was a lovely experience. The lessons were structured and there was a key focus to each lesson, which he always explained at the start and backed up with clear diagrams. He was always punctual and was always willing to be flexible with lesson times. His patience made lessons an easy environment to learn in and I would highly recommend Tim to anyone looking for a driving instructor.   Emma