Motorway Driving
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Are you anxious about Motorway driving

Driving on the motorway for the first time can be a little daunting. Three lanes or more, large vehicles, lots of lane changing, unfamiliar signs and traffic travelling at great speed.

Also for some more experienced drivers motorway driving can sometimes feel like a rather intimidating experience. For other drivers the very thought of driving on the motorway conjures up a picture of something that is best avoided. 

Why take Motorway Lessons

Whatever your reasons of anxiety or avoidance a series of motorway lessons will help you become a better, safer and more confident driver. It doesn't take long to master the nerves, eliminate bad habits and build up the confidence giving you much greater flexibility with your journeying across the country.

I am regularly conducting motorway lessons with all ages and abilities. I look after the anxious or nervous and encourage all pupils through every motorway driving situation step by step. Whether its lane changing, entering or exiting the motorway, effective use of mirrors, understanding signs or positional control, I can help with all of these.

In Cornwall we are obviously some distance from the nearest motorway so a suitable length lesson would need to be agreed to enable sufficient time for practice on the motorway itself. The M5 can be easily accessed at Exeter.


Lessons are £40 per hour

A typical time required would be 3 hours

Lessons can be in either instructors or own car