Minibus Driver Training


If you haven't driven a minibus before or are uncertain about the size of the minibus you wish to drive, then before doing so it is very important that you find out whether or not you are actually entitled to drive the particular minibus in question.


The following information is intended to act as a guide:

Drivers holding a full car (category B) licence before 1st January 1997 already have a restricted D1 entitlement on their driving licence and:
- can drive a minibus for a not for profit organisation

- can be paid for driving

- cannot drive a minibus abroad

- cannot drive for a commercial company in the UK

- at the age of 70 must pass a full PCV medical to renew the entitlement


Drivers obtaining a full car (category B) driving licence after 1st January 1997 may drive a minibus in the UK only but all these conditions apply -

- they must be 21 and over

- they must have held a full licence for 2 years

- they must be driving on a voluntary basis

- the minibus must be used for a non profit making organisation

- the minibus weight must be no more than 3.5 tonnes mam.

- they must not tow a trailer

- at the age of 70 they must pass a full PCV medical to renew the entitlement

If any of the above are not met then the individual will need to apply to the DVLA  for a provisional entitlement to be added to their licence and are required to take a PCV D1 Minibus driving test.

Just when you thought it was a little clearer there is then the added complication of teachers. Is a teacher taking their school netball team to a neighbouring school doing so as a volunteer or as part of their paid job? At present it appears to be a grey area and the best advice is to contact your local authority or your insurance company for their clarification.

Taking a PCV D1 Minibus Driving Test

When a D1 Minibus driving test is required the following steps are necessary:

Step 1
Apply to DVLA for provisional entitlement.
A D4 medical report completed by a doctor must
accompany the application.

Step 2
Take a PCV theory test
There are100 multiple choice questions and 20
hazard perception clips.

Step 3
Commence training

Step 4
Take the PCV D1 minibus driving test.  This is
a fairly extensive 90 minute driving test including
precise manoeuvreing and a controlled stop.
The examiner will need to be completely satisfied
that you are fully competant and ready to safely
transport up to 16 pasengers in your vehicle.


Minibus Training

Sufficient quality training for the D1 test is essential. We recommend 3 full days.  There are also other areas of minibus driving where training or the assessment of drivers may be necessary. We can provide training packages to suit individual requirements.     

For more comprehensive information on minibus training, minibus assessments,Council minibus tests and pre Council minibus test training call

Tim Ward

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