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 Standard hourly rate

 90 minute lesson
Pre-pay for 12 hours                 

(£31 per hr)

Payment can be by either cash or bank transfer

How much training will I need

A very common question asked is - How many lessons will I need to reach the driving test standard?  This of course varies from person to person and will be dependent on any past driving experience and each individual's own ability.

Plenty of road experience is vital in preparing a learner to cope well in the early part of their driving career. Lack of experience is too common a factor in many road accidents involving young drivers. This of course is backed up and reinforced by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. Their advice is simple, get plenty of quality training.
In addition to regular training if you are lucky enough to be able to practice privately with family or relatives this can certainly be very beneficial. Well practiced learners progress towards test standard much faster.

Lesson Options

A driving lesson can be any length in duration.
Common lesson lengths are 1 hour, 1.5 hours and 2 hours
There are sometimes limitations as to what can be achieved in an hour and also a 2 hour lesson can prove to be too long a period of concentration for some pupils.

My standard lesson is 90 minutes and most pupils find this a comfortable length of time to be in the car.
Besides representing good value a 90 minute lesson has other benefits -
The pupil is able to thoroughly practice the days subject
The pupils rate of learning increases
The pupil is able to reach test standard in a sensible number of weeks.

The frequency of lessons would depend upon the need of the individual.
More intensive training is discussed in the section 'Intensive courses'


How do I book my first lesson

Getting started is easy, contact me in whichever way you prefer. All lesson enquiries can be by either telephone, text or e-mail.

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