Intensive and Semi Intensive Driving Courses
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If for one reason or another you are in a bit of a hurry to pass your driving test then there is always the option of an Intensive or Semi Intensive course.

The great advantage with this type of course is that it can be spread over any number of weeks and tailored in such a way to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Whether its maybe 3 hours every day or 3 days every week, whatever your need this option gives you the flexibility to work around any other commitments.

A suitable programme can be arranged to suit you and your instructor's schedule.

As a guideline the course would usually be around 35+ hours to be able to bring a complete beginner up to driving test standard. This of course can vary either way from person to person depending on the individual's own ability and the level of any previous driving experience.

For pupils with previous driving experience an initial driving assessment can be undertaken to determine the likely number of hours required.

How do I get started

1. Determine when you would ideally like to take the driving test.

2. Discuss your requirements with instructor and then book the driving test.

3. Arrange first lesson and the ongoing schedule with instructor.

Its simple and straightforward and by doing it this way you can be confident that your training is fully organized and that you are heading boldly towards the test.


Standard hourly rate                £33

90 minute lesson                     £49

Prepay for 12 hours                  £372

                                                              (£31 per hour)